Susanne Mueller

Management Guide Turkey

Volume Nr: 7, Deutsch / English

Cross-Culture Publishing, Frankfurt am Main 2007
ISBN: 9783939044086

TURKEY: For millions of tourists this name is associated with the remembrance of splendid holidays in the south of the country on the azul blue Mediterranean Sea or sightseeing tours to the remains of one of Europe’s oldest civilizations.

The Management Guide TURKEY - unique in its combination of history, culture, economy, management, law, success factors and services - wants to show Turkey from a different perspective. 20 Turkish authors and German ones with experience in Turkey present this country situated on the border between Europe and Asia as a modern business partner with a large amount of unexpected and interesting investment opportunities.

For the past five years Turkey’s economy has reached growth rates between 7 and 8 percent. Almost 15.000 foreign companies and their subsidiaries have contributed to this dynamic development. The automotive and construction industry are among the favourites. The service sector offers almost unlimited development potential for foreign entrepreneurs.

The Management Guide Turkey presents a view of this country as an attractive investment location for medium-sized European companies, but not only through key economic facts and figures. This book will focus on the human dimension of business cooperation. It promotes mutual comprehension as a base of successful intercultural cooperation. How can you obtain trust, sympathy and recognition from Turkish partners and clients? What characterizes Turkish management style and how can you successfully cooperate with Turkish colleagues? How is it possible to attract and retain Turkish employees? This book will answer these and many more questions.

The Management Guide TURKEY aims to overcome prejudices, close information gaps, motivate investment in Turkey, and prepare for successful cooperation in a more or less unknown, but very modern, creative and dynamic business environment. TURKEY: Economic locomotive on the Bosporus, bridge between Europe, Asia and Middle East, and a proverbially hospitable country.

This title is available in English and German. See Management Guide TÜRKEI, Reihe Wirtschaft und Kultur, Band 6. See also the Management Guides ROMANIA and BULGARIA.

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