The Economy and Culture Series vol. 5
Language(s): English, English
Cross Culture Publishing, Berlin
ISBN: 9783939044062

Susanne Mueller and Duarte Branco

Management Guide Portugal

The Management Guide PORTUGAL is designed for organisations and institutions interested in expanding within the European Union. It is also for entrepreneurs and executives searching for suc-cessful cooperation with Portuguese partners. The book delivers interesting information about the modern economic and business partner Portugal, it will be a helpful guide for business people involved in import-export activities, and/or people involved in scientific projects in Portugal. Last but not least, also for students of international economics and management the book will be an interesting source.

A department store in the form of a caravel, a bridge looking like a sail, a futuristic train station, modern subway stations decorated with various maritime motifs and the name of Vasco da Gama, the famous Portuguese explorer, always present in the names of buildings, organisations and institutions. This is the face of the ancient and the new Portugal, the European Portugal. It represents itself by its very modern capital Lisbon.

Thousands, even millions, of tourists from European countries each year enjoy the wonderful scenic and historic Algarve coastline of southern Portugal, but do they really know the modern Portugal? Its language and culture? Which values and goals determine the actions of today’s Portuguese?

Many foreign organisations have maintained subsidiaries in Portugal for years, among them 800 German firms. But where is something written about Portuguese business culture?

The articles written by the 15 Portuguese and Portugal-experienced German authors of this book have produced a unique intercultural management guide: informative, interesting and instructive. They deal with the influence of European Union (EU) membership on Portugal, how Portugal’s history has shaped the culture and mentality of the Portuguese, the norms of business behaviour, the country-specific leadership style, human resources management, customer relationship management, public relations and marketing in Portugal. In this book ten foreign investor firms describe their success factors. A legal office, specialising in Portugal, describes the legal conditions for investment and doing business in Portugal. There is also an annexe with helpful contact addresses and references.

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