The Economy and Culture Series vol. 4
Language(s): Deutsch, English
2006 Cross Culture Publishing, Berlin
ISBN: 9783939044031

Ewa Jonkisz and Lothar Müller

Management Guide Poland

The Management Guide POLAND is designed especially for organizations, institutions, entrepreneurs and executives with an investment interest in Poland.  But everybody involved in business, politics, research and/or study will find important information in this book, which gives insight into a country-specific business and leadership style, which will inevitably lead to successful cooperation with Polish partners.

For many Europeans Poland is still an unknown territory. Even for many Germans, Poland is still an unknown neighbour. Most people know this eastern European country through stereotypes and prejudicial images; fewer know it through a personal experience of the Polish reality.

During the last years, Poland has grown into an important economic partner of the European Union (EU). It has also become the first trade partner of its neighbouring country, Germany. Many German companies consider and use Poland as a hub to enter other eastern European markets. Its geographical proximity, but also its common history with Germany, are both seen as advantages.

What do Europeans know about the language and culture of Poland, about the values and the way of life of the Polish? Which norms shape the way business is conducted? How do you establish a business in Poland? This book aims to give the answers.

More and more German entrepreneurs are going east, across the border into Poland, in order to invest on the other side of the Neisse River or to search for business partners. They must be driven by an important reason!

The articles written by the 25 Polish and Poland-experienced German authors of this book have created a unique intercultural business and management guide: informative, interesting and giving orientation for successfully doing business in Poland.

The Management Guide POLAND opens the mind to today’s Poland – an EU member and neighbour of Germany of significant economic weight and even more potential, a country with a rapidly growing market in the middle of Europe, and a hub to markets further east.

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