Susanne Mueller

Management Guide Estonia

Volume Nr: 3, Deutsch / English

Cross-Culture Publishing, Frankfurt am Main 2006
ISBN: 3939044024

In which nation is the access to the Internet one of the constitutionally guaranteed basic rights of citizens? Which country is most progressive in regard to the accessibility of public services by Internet? In which country is 90 percent of all bank transactions settled electronically? Where in the world is it possible to buy a bus ticket or parking permit by mobile telephone? This is ESTONIA – one of the newcomers to the European Union (EU) since 2004, yet the country with the highest and most innovative level of telecommunication compared with the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

This small “Baltic tiger” comprises a territory approximately the size of The Netherlands, but with only ten percent of The Netherland’s population (approximately 1.5 million). The country contains 1500 islands, 100 lakes, 7000 rivers and 3,800 km of coastline. The language of Estonia is Estonian, which is related to Finish.

This most northerly situated of the three Baltic republics attracts foreign investors with dream-like tax rates. It is one of the ten countries of the world with the most liberal economies.

Estonia has a long common history with Germany and has been a European country since its earliest history. Yet what does today’s European know about the Estonians - about their culture and way of life? What characterizes the corporate culture of this Baltic republic, which has no history of a market economy and yet has created a dynamic young generation of entrepreneurs? The articles written by the 20 Estonian and Estonia-experienced German authors of this book have produced an intercultural management guide which is unique in the book market.

The Management Guide ESTONIA contains seven parts: Estonia and Europe, Culture in Estonia as a Constituent of National Identity, Estonia as an Attractive Investment Location, Management in Estonia (corporate culture, leadership styles, human resources management, marketing, sales, public relations), Legal Conditions for Doing Business in Estonia, Success Factors, and an additional chapter with numerous helpful contact addresses and references.

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