vol. 2
Language(s): Deutsch, English
2007 Cross Culture Publishing, Berlin
ISBN: 9783939044093

Susanne Mueller

Management Guide Latvia

The Management Guide LATVIA will increase the reader’s understanding of this country, and it will open the way to Latvia as an attractive investment location with 100 million consumers in an 800 km radius around its capital, Riga, the largest Baltic metropolis.

LATVIA – a small country with a highly motivated and, for the most part, trilingual people, and situated in the eastern part of the Baltic sea coast – is one of the newcomers to the European Union (EU), since 2004.

What is known in Europe about this country, about its culture and language, about the values of the Latvians and their way of life? What characterizes the business culture in this young Baltic republic which has no market economy history, but a dynamic generation of young managers?

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development stated in 2005 that already Latvia’s economy, when compared to the other EU newcomers of 2004, shows the highest level of economic freedom, in terms of legal conditions for doing business.

The articles written by the 20 Latvian and Latvia-experienced German authors of this book provide unique intercultural management insights: informative, interesting and helpful. The content of the guide includes the following sections: Latvia and Europe, Culture in Latvia as a Constituent of National Identity, Latvia as an Interesting Investment Location, Management in Latvia (corporate culture, leadership styles, human resources management, marketing, sales, public relations, negotiations), Labour and Competition Law and Success Factors. There is also an appendix with numerous helpful contact addresses and references.

This guide to Latvia is designed for organisations or institutions intending to expand to Latvia. But entrepreneurs and executives already established in the country will certainly discover new information about the way to successful cooperation with their Latvian partners.

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