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Language(s): Deutsch, English
2005 Cross Culture Publishing, Berlin
ISBN: 3939044008


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Susanne Mueller and Liutauras Labanauskas

Management Guide Lithuania

The main purpose of this book is to promote intercultural understanding between Lithuanian and foreign partners. It will contribute to overcoming stereotypical images of this eastern European country, and will support the development of an appropriate business and management style in Lithuania – resulting in successful economic cooperation.

LITHUANIA is one of the 2004 newcomers to the European Union (EU). What do Europeans know about this country? Who knows its language and culture, the values and the way of life of the Lithuanians? How is business done in Lithuania, the country with the highest growth rates of all the EU member states?

The articles written by the 20 Lithuanian and Lithuania-experienced German authors of this book have resulted in a unique intercultural management guide. The content consists of the following main chapters: Lithuania and Europe, Culture in Lithuania as Constituent of National Identity, Economic Profile, Management Style in Lithuania, Legal Conditions for Doing Business in Lithuania, and Success Factors. Furthermore, an annexe with numerous helpful addresses and references make the book very useful for a wide range of people interested in Lithuania.

The Management Guide LITHUANIA is designed for companies with an interest in expanding into Lithuania. But this book also contains certain discoveries for entrepreneurs and executives already established in Lithuania, as well as for many people who permanently travel on business missions to Vilnius, Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities.

The Management Guide LITHUANIA opens the mind and the way to LITHUANIA – your door to the new Europe.

See also Management Guide LATVIA and Management Guide ESTONIA issued by Cross-Culture Publishing Frankfurt/M., all three countries situated on the north-eastern coast of the Baltic Sea.

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