Cross-Culture Publishing invites enterprises, institutions and associations to publish with our publishing house their experiences with cultural diversity, trans-national leadership and management as a source of personal cultural enrichment and growth, as a source of synergy and innovation in all contexts.


Cross-Culture Publishing is a publishing house with emphasis on publications about the relationship between economy and culture. It emphasizes the fact that doing business abroad requires more than touristic information about the country. It also requires more than professional expertise and knowledge about legal conditions for investment abroad. Successful economic activities in a target country need contacts with people, administrations, partners, subcontractors, clients and many other people.

Business success abroad is strongly dependent on the degree in which people in the target country will feel understood and recognized in their specific mentality and culture. Top executives of reputed investors companies present their personal experiences in this respect.

CULTURE perhaps is the tensest side of business life: On the one hand, culture can be very complicated, and in general, it hardly is possible to define ones own culture. On the other hand, if being aware of its features, it can be a strong source of synergy and innovation.

That means, in business life one needs a lot of background knowledge about cultures in general, but also about countries and their people of specific countries one deals with.

Cross-Culture Publishing, with its publications, gets to the root of this matter.

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