vol. 9
Language(s): Deutsch, English
2007 Cross Culture Publishing, Berlin
ISBN: 9783939044123

Susanne Mueller, Werner Stein and Peter Simon

Management Guide Romania

With the Management Guide ROMANIA you win a helpful guide for doing business in Romania, a »compass« which gives you orientation for intercultural comprehension, general behaviour and the appropriate management style, in the approaching process as well as later, in the cooperation process.

The lasts will be the firsts, so it seems – but not only in this respect. For five years already Romania permanently reaches economic growth rates of seven percent. The European entrepreneurs respond to this fact with trust and optimism: The investment total rose in 2006 by 75 percent in comparison to the previous year. Giant projects are ongoing in the energy sector, the European automotive industry is almost completely present there, and in regard to IT the Romanians are with 3.000 technology firms and about 65.000 IT experts on the way (are about?/are becoming?) to become the leading European outsourcing country.

Investment potentials in Romania by far are not exhausted. The construction sector, tourism, environ-ment protection, agriculture, health care and education, for instance, offer innumerable chances for initiative entrepreneurs. In Romania, to found a business, in average, takes only eleven days. The European SME are called upon to grow with this beautiful Carpathian country.

What should one know in order to understand people in this country – partners, employees, clients, friends? What enjoys them and what hurts them? What are they proud about? Which experiences made other investors in Romania? What are the business success factors? This book will give you the answers. It focuses to the human dimension of economic cooperation.

This title is available In English and German.

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