vol. 10
Language(s): Deutsch, English
2008 Cross Culture Publishing, Berlin
ISBN: 9783939044116

Dr. Susanne Mueller

Management Guide Bulgaria

Handbook for business people, investors and executives for country-specific business management and successful cooperation with Bulgarian partners/clients and employees on the base of intercultural understanding.

BULGARIA, in only the first year of EU membership, has attracted 20 percent of the investments in South-East Europe. The UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2007 ranks the country the 7th place in the world, together with Singapore and Hong Kong, as per the inward FDI performance index. What makes this small country situated on the Black Sea, between Romania, Turkey and Greece, so attractive?
This new EU member is the European corporate tax low-cost champion, belonging at once to the top group of European countries with the highest education level of its human capital. What should one know in order to understand people in this country – partners, employees, clients, friends? What enjoys them and what hurts them? What are they proud about? Which experiences made other investors in Bulgaria? What are the business success factors? This book will give you the answers. It focuses to the human dimension of economic cooperation.
Investment potentials in Bulgaria by far are not exhausted. The construction sector, tourism, environment protection, agriculture, health care and education, for instance, offer in- numerable chances for initiative entrepreneurs. Numerous international companies already present in Bulgaria. Now also the European SMEs are called upon to grow with this beautiful country on the Black Sea – a rapidly growing emergent market.
With the Management Guide BULGARIA you win a helpful guide for doing business in Bulgaria, a »compass« which gives you orientation for intercultural comprehension, general behaviour and the appropriate management style, in the approa-ching period as well as later, in the cooperation process.
Bulgaria is a business, nature, culture and life style paradise to discover. From its southern point of view, Bulgaria understands itself as the GATEWAY to a NEW EUROPE.

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