vol. 13
Language(s): English, English
2008 Cross Culture Publishing, Berlin
ISBN: 9783939044130


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Dr. Susanne Mueller

New Andorra

A Handbook for Investors and Executives

The first handbook about today's Andorra business and corporate culture, with 20 pages colour photos. Designed for foreign business people, investors and executives for country specific business management and successful cooperation with Andorran partners, clients and employees, on the base of intercultural understanding. The authors of the different articles are Andorran experts as well as foreign AD experienced managers writing for newcomer peers; Established foreign investors present their practical business experience for further foreign investors.

Content: About history and culture; Profile of today's national economy and vision of its future; 10 reasons for investment in AD; Leadership style and success factors. In short: This book is a very attractive and informative guide for successful country specific business management from the very beginning

 What gives this book what is not written in other guides about Andorra? Most of existing guides about Andorra are touristic ones. But foreign investors are another kind of guests in AD. Tourists come for a day or a holiday, use the excellent services in AD - and leave. But investors stay in the country, live and work with Andorrans for years. Successful cooperation is impossible without to know the culture, the values and the customs of the country. The book is made for them. This is what distinguishes this guide from others ...' - El Periodic d'Andorra, 11/19/2009

'A book that explains the keys of for investors coming today in the country. ' - Economista, 11/23/2009

'This book goes far beyond of presenting figures and statistics. It conveys also information about culture and traditions of the country ... Among the authors are directors of big, medium- sized and small companies, but also lawyers, marketing and HR executives, writers, musicians and other experts of Andorran culture - the first handbook about corporative culture and management style in today's Andorra.' - Bondia, 11/17/2009

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