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CULTURE perhaps is the tensest side of business life: On the one hand, culture can be very complicated, and in general, it hardly is possible to define ones own culture. On the other hand, if being aware of its features, it can be a strong source of synergy and innovation.

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Cross-Culture Publishing invites individuals, organisations and scientific institutions to publish with our publishing house their experiences with cultural diversity, transnational leadership and management as a source of personal cultural enrichment and growth.

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Our publications bring into focus the human dimension of intercultural business cooperation. Its essential function consists in the development of a mutual understanding between culturally diverse partners and using this as a base for synergetic economic cooperation.

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Die zweisprachige Reihe City International dient als Medium für Firmenkommunikation und gegenseitige Kontaktnahme für die zahlreichen ausländischen Firmen in Metropolregionen. Gleichzeitig bildet sie eine Brücke zwischen den vielen nationalen Communities, die im Zeitalter der Globalisierung in urbanen Agglomerationen leben.

The City International Series (bilingual) serves as a medium for corporate communication and mutual contact for the numerous foreign companies in metropolitan areas. At the same time, it forms a bridge between the many national communities that live in urban agglomerations in the age of globalization

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